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Nov 9 / Stephanie Bausman

Manheim Borough Authority Waste Water Treatment Plant

The project consisted of retrofitting the existing 1.5 mgd plant to increase its effective treatment capacity to 2.3 mgd.  This required the retrofit of the process to an Oxidation Ditch type system, addition to the Plant’s existing process systems and upgrades to the Plant’s electrical distribution system.  New process components consisted of the addition of Final Clarifiers T-3C and T-3D, Oxidation Ditch, Splitter Box, Utility (Generator) Building and a Bio-solids Building.  Existing process component retrofit consisted of increasing the capacity of the Influent Pump Station, Final Clarifiers T-3A and T-3B, WAS Pump Station, Chemical Feed Building B3 and RAS Valve Vault.

Renovation of the existing power distribution system consisted of retrofit of the existing medium voltage main distribution switchboard with the addition of a new 700 A-3P feeder breaker, new Diesel Stand-By Generator, new Automatic Transfer Switch, new Motor Control Center and new Sub-Distribution Transformer and Panelboard.  Lighting and power distribution design was required for the new structures and site.  A SCADA control system via a fiber-optic network was designed to integrate the Oxidation Ditch system main control and a new operator monitoring system located in the existing Control Building.

The electrical construction cost was approximately $755,000.

A new mechanical system, heating and ventilation, was required for the Utility (Generator) Building.  Ventilation consisted of in-take louvers sized for generator combustion air and rejected heat removal in conjunction with a properly sized exhaust fan.  Heat was provided to maintain a minimum temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit during cold weather.

Paragon’s Services Included:

  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Project Leader Peter Beddia
Project Team Members William Ramage and Kevin Markle