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Nov 9 / Stephanie Bausman

Providence Township

The project consisted of a 14,300 sq. ft. maintenance facility and 4,200 sq. ft. office. The maintenance facility included offices, vehicle storage area, wash bays, mezzanines, and tool storage areas.  The mechanical systems consisted of a biomass boiler fueled by wood chips, which used a conveyer system and storage bin with a live bottom to pull the wood chips onto the conveyor.  A waste oil boiler was used as a backup boiler. The boilers served a radiant floor heating system throughout the maintenance  building, and the office building which was heated and cooled by hot water fan coil units and 16 SEER DX condensing units. The plumbing systems consisted of duel flush tank toilets low flow metering faucets, and a grey water system serving the wash bays.  The electrical design for this project consisted of a new electrical service to the new Maintenance facility with a backfeed to the existing Office building and Office building addition.  Service characteristics were changed from a single phase service to a 3 phase service to handle the increased loads.  Lighting was handled by the use of T-5 fluorescents with automatic lighting control.  In the Maintenance building, each hi bay T-5 fluorescent fixture incorporated a motion sensor, resulting in 95% energy savings for these lights.  In the office building, automatic lighting control was incorporated for all areas.  The new large open space area and lobby area of the office building incorporated daylight harvesting as part of the automatic lighting control.  Parking lot lighting was provided with the use of pulse start metal halide pole mounted fixtures.  Power for critical systems in the buildings was backed up by the use of existing portable generators.  Provisions were made at each building for the generator to be connected to critical systems through a manual transfer switch.  Emergency lighting was provided for by the use of battery emergency lighting.  A new IT system was installed that handled both facilities, wired with CAT 6 cable.  Power was provided to remote devices such as salt building, fuel pumping station and tar buggy truck heater. This building is pending LEED V3 Silver Certification.

Paragon’s Services Included:

  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
  • LEED Documentation for MEP Portions
Project Leader Jason Craley
Project Team Members Rodger Lease, Mark Kelley, Peter Shovlin and James Sanford