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Feb 16 / Stephanie Bausman

Luna’s House

Luna’s House, Edgewood, Maryland – This project was a 14,900sf structure, located on three acres of land and serves as an Animal Care and Education Center,  boarding/housing facility for all types of small animals, including surgery, treatment areas, as well as exam rooms, sales area, dog boarding, cat boarding, and adoption.

This structure is pending LEED™ V3 Silver Certification and will be the first LEED™ Certified animal care facility on the East Coast which will utilize a variety of natural, alternative energy sources.  A portion of the site will be established as a park with vegetation indigenous to the area and surrounding wetlands.

The MEP design includes high efficiency 95% gas furnaces with dx split cooling  units 16 SEER and greater, as well as the use of T5 lamps in most lighting fixtures. The dx cooling units contain no HCFC or CFC refrigerants.  Ventilation is accomplished using above the ceiling enthalpy wheel exhaust air energy recovery units that directly exhaust the bathrooms and animal areas capturing the heating and cooling before it leaves the building. Water reduction of up to 40% by using low flow faucets, showers, duel flush valve toilets and rain water harvesting for plant irrigation. The building energy consumption is estimated to be 20% less than ASHRAE 90.1 2007.

Download our project sheet for more information.

Paragon’s Services Included:

  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, LEED™
Project Leader Jason Craley
Project Team Member Leslie Wertman and Mark Kelley