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Apr 12 / Brandon Diehl

2012 York County Economic Alliance Small Business of the Year Award

We Won! Paragon Engineering Services, Inc. has won the 2012 York County Economic Alliance Small Business of the Year Award!

From humble beginnings, Vaughn Silar started his own business in 2002, Paragon Engineering Services. That first year, Vaughn had only a contracted workforce that provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering service to five clients.

In 2003, Paragon relocated to 18 S George Street and hired a full time employee. As the business began to grow, South George Street office expanded in size, as did the number of employees.   Each year promoted growth with climbing gross revenues.

Along came the recession in 2008 and all that Vaughn could do was hold on to his boot straps and weather the long storm.  There was much reinvention during that time.  Internal processes were torn down and rebuilt. A new focused vision and mission were developed. The new motto in 2010 became “Breathe, Review and Prepare”.

In 2011, all employee titles were removed, changing to “responsibility based leadership”.  The profit sharing structure was changed to be directly related to business matrixes.  These changes proved successful, staff received a profit sharing distribution and the client base grew to 694.

Today, the company now employs 28 people and operates from Lehigh Valley, Eastern Maryland, Western Maryland and the LEED Gold certified corporate office located at 2201 South Queen Street in York.

When asked about the future, Vaughn replied, “I have been blessed enough to have a boss early in my career that became a mentor and helped me when I broke out on my own.  Ten years later he still works part time for me.  He comes into the office, works on a project and goes home without a worry.  I look forward to the day I can be the mentor and do the same.  When I started the business I had a goal.  I wanted to develop the business for five years, live it for ten years, then step down from the helm of day to day operations and put the business in someone else hands and pay it forward as the mentor.”

The definition of paragon is a model of excellence or perfection.  Today this definition truly does reflect the 2012 York County Economic Alliance Small Business of the Year Award winner.   Congratulations Paragon Engineering Services.

Written By,

Kristi Walsh

Vice President, Corporate & Community Relations, York County Economic Alliance