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Apr 12 / Brandon Diehl

Outstanding Achievement Award to Chandler Ficucell, York School of Technology, York, PA

Chandler Ficucell wanted to participate in the YST Co-op since the beginning of the year.  The school had trouble finding a job placement for him, but Chandler persevered and found his job by himself.  He came to Paragon Engineering Services and asked if we were hiring.  It just so happened we recently made the decision to hire an intern from a secondary technical school but decided to give Chandler a chance.  Chandler was given an interview on the spot and an AutoCAD test in which he past with flying colors and scored a 100%.  He outscored prospective interns.  Chandler is on the honor roll and has perfect attendance at YST.  He is a member of the National Association of Home Builders Career and Technical Student Organization: SKILLS USA.  He took first place and received the outstanding student award at the National Associations of Home Builders Competition at the International Builders Show.  He also took first place at the SKILLS USA district competition.  We are please to announce Chandler Ficucell has won the Outstanding Achievement Award from York School of Technology.