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Nov 29 / Stephanie Bausman

The Glen at Willow Valley Retirement Communities, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

A five story private and semi-private residence retirement center that includes resident rooms, food serving rooms, community lounges, activity rooms, fitness areas, dining rooms, nurses stations, and laundry rooms on each floor.  There is a central kitchen located on the first floor.  During the recent renovations, the existing HVAC system was upgraded to meet the new space needs and configuration.  The existing piping system was reused and reconfigured to meet the new heat pump capacity demands, and the central dedicated outdoor air unit was upgraded to accommodate the new ventilation requirements.  A total of approximately 250 heat pumps were replaced.  The new ventilation system supplies approximately 38,000 CFM of fresh air to the five floors.  Before the new design started, a survey of the existing systems was conducted in order to maximize reusing the existing piping and duct work.  A high level of coordination between disciplines was incorporated into the design due to the tight space constraints.